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President Obama can put an end to Iceland's illegal fin whale hunt by imposing economic sanctions. But there isn't much time.

Fin whales hunted in Iceland

Take action today and urge him to do the right thing.

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Kristján Loftsson will be deciding any day now whether or not his company will be killing endangered fin whales this year.

Loftsson is the CEO of Iceland’s only fin whaling company. What he has his eye on is the market situation in Japan. You can make sure that he has much bigger concerns than the market in Japan.

Because of Loftsson’s flaunting of the international moratorium on commercial whaling and thanks to pressure from tens of thousands of Greenpeace supporters, President Obama’s Commerce Secretary recently declared that Iceland is undermining the effectiveness of the International Whaling Commission (IWC).

This ruling was an important first step and clears the way for President Obama to end fin whaling in Iceland by imposing strong economic sanctions. This is our chance to end the Icelandic fin whale hunt for good.

You’ve already gotten the Commerce Secretary to act, now keep the momentum going and get the President to follow his lead. Our goal is to send 15,000 messages to the President in the next 48 hours. I know we can do it.

Help keep Mr. Loftsson’s whaling fleet off the ocean by sending a message to the President today urging him to impose strong economic sanctions on Iceland for its illegal whaling. There isn’t much time.

President Obama has an amazing opportunity here to stand up and be a champion for the whales. Together we can make sure he takes it.

Iceland has been doing this for years and it’s clear that they aren’t going to stop until the rest of the world shows some leadership and makes them stop. That’s precisely what the President can do right now by following the recommendations of his Commerce Secretary and imposing strong economic sanctions on Iceland -- and more specifically on Loftsson’s company that also sells fish products in the US -- if they continue their illegal fin whale hunt.

Fin whales are already listed as endangered. The population can’t stand one more of these hunts. It needs to stop now.

Take action today and help save endangered fin whales.

For the whales,

Phil Kline

Phil Kline
Greenpeace Oceans Campaigner

P.S. Economic sanctions against Iceland will do more than just stop their illegal fin whale hunt. They will send a message to the other whaling countries that the U.S. is serious about enforcing international law to save the whales. Make sure the President does the right thing by taking action today.

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