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Shell just announced that it was stopping its Arctic drilling program for 2012!

It’s great news and a strong reminder of the power that people have when they come together around a single idea.

Shell was set to kickstart the Arctic oil rush. The company had already invested seven years and about $5,000,000,000 to make it happen. But thanks to Mother Nature, its own incompetence and the millions of people who have taken action to save the Arctic, Shell's plans have been put on hold until next year.

Friend, I just wanted to  thank you for taking action to save the Arctic and making our work possible.

The importance of this moment can’t be overestimated. Other major oil companies are now questioning the logic of Arctic drilling. Only a few days ago, the Norwegian company Statoil said it was going to wait and see how Shell’s plan goes before moving forward with its own in the Arctic.

Shell has made it pretty clear that Arctic oil drilling is an expensive and risky mistake.

This is a huge day for our campaign to save the Arctic. We should take a minute and celebrate what we have accomplished together. But the fight isn’t over. There is still work to do if we want to permanently protect the Arctic from Big Oil and climate change.

You’ll be hearing a lot more from Greenpeace in the weeks and months ahead about how we plan to save the Arctic once and for all. In the meantime, enjoy this moment.

Save the Arctic,

Dan Howells
Greenpeace USA Deputy Campaigns Director

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