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I wanted to make sure you saw my email from Tuesday.

We need just 900 more activists like you from your state to take action and reach our goal of sending 50,000 letters to President Obama by midnight tomorrow.

According to documents obtained by Seattle radio station KUOW, we learned this week that Shell tested its oil spill containment system in Puget Sound this fall. The containment dome was "crushed like a beer can." If the system couldn't survive the mild conditions off the coast of Washington, it would have no chance in the Arctic. Shell isn't prepared for a disaster in the Arctic. No one is.

Please take action now to save the Arctic — the President needs to hear from you.

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The President’s top drilling safety expert has called for a ‘timeout’ on Arctic drilling. We agree.

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Tell President Obama to suspend Shell’s Arctic drilling permits.

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Shell finally got its chance to drill for oil off the coast of Alaska this fall. It didn’t go so well.

A series of equipment, permit and weather-related mishaps along with general incompetence prevented the company from drilling as planned. The failure was six years and $4.5 billion in the making and only confirmed what experts have been saying all along — drilling for oil in the Arctic will never be safe.

But Shell isn’t stopping. The company intends to try again in 2013, and the decision about whether or not it gets that opportunity is being made right now. This is our chance to stop Shell from drilling in the Arctic next year and beyond.

Take action and help us send 50,000 messages to President Obama this week calling for Shell’s Arctic drilling permits to be suspended.

Tell President Obama to call for a ‘timeout’ from Arctic drilling and suspend Shell’s permits.

We know that safe drilling in the Arctic isn’t possible. Shell has proven it this year. And the President’s top drilling safety chief agrees, saying in a recent interview that someone outside the industry needs to call a ‘timeout’ to reexamine whether or not Arctic drilling is even possible using current technology.

That someone is President Obama.

This should be a straightforward decision given that Shell still hasn’t received the final go ahead for drilling from the Obama administration because one of its key support vessels has yet to pass inspection with the US Coast Guard.

The President needs to know that you are paying attention to what’s going on in the Arctic. Take action and send a message today.

It wasn’t just incompetence and Mother Nature that plagued Shell’s efforts to drill in the Arctic this year. It was also the public scrutiny brought on by our global campaign and the activism of people like you.

Together we are making a real difference.

We have to keep the pressure up if we want to save the Arctic from the greed of big oil once and for all. Shell has proven that it isn’t ‘Arctic ready’ and never will be.

Send a message to the President today and tell him it’s time to rethink drilling in the Arctic and to suspend Shell’s permits.

For the Arctic,

Philip Radford
Greenpeace USA Executive Director

P.S. You can easily multiply your impact to save the Arctic. After you take action, just forward this email to your friends and ask them to help send the President 50,000 messages by Friday!

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